Thursday, January 26, 2017

Celebrating 75 years with COACH // Celebrando 75 años con COACH

When I was in middle school I remember seeing many girls walking around with Coach handbags. At that time I don't even recall having a handbag but I would drool over these bags because they were so eye catching & cute! I never exactly asked for one because I was 12, what exactly was I going to put in there? My gum that was not allowed in school? Or my color pencils? I did although do some research on the cost, admired them from the displays at the mall for more than a year, & talked about the beauty of them enough that I got lucky. When I was in intermediate,about two years later when I actually had stuff to put in there, my mom bought me one. It was not only my first high end handbag but it meant a lot more. You see I love fashion, but I love my parents a million times more. I knew that this handbag was not cheap & the fact that I was carrying a high end handbag & my mom was not, said a lot more. It spoke on the sacrifice my parents had made, it spoke on the great love they had for me, & it taught me to be even more appreciative for the things I did not need. I am more than blessed to have the parents that I do & although it was a materialistic thing, it gave me inspiration & faith that one day I would be able to accomplish a lot in the world of fashion. 

Although I am just a beginner in the social side to fashion, I am so happy to be partnering with Coach for their 75th anniversary! Thank you for the endless memories, & for this cute handbag! I am obsessed with the quality & the convenient compartments. Not to mention the excitement that my mom & I shared when we saw the box come in the mail. Happy 75th anniversary Coach! 

**p.s. You can shop my bag here!! 



Cuando tenía 12 años habían niñas en la escuela que cargaban con bolsas de la marca Coach. Siempre me llamaban la atención pero no pedía una por que a esa edad no tenía la necesidad de traer bolsa. ¿Que le iba a hechar, dulces, lápices? Aunque no tenía la necesidad de traer bolsa me gustaban tanto que averigüe el precio, me les que daba viendo como 5 cinco minutos en los aparadores de las tiendas, y hable tanto de los lindos diseños que a los dos años mis padres me compraron una. Fue un regalo tan lindo que nunca se me va ha olvidar. Se que fue un regalo material pero hablo más aya de eso. Fue un sacrificio porque ni mi mamá cargaba con bolsa de marca. Y aunque la bolsa era muy linda, lo más lindo era el amor que mis padres tenían hacia mi. Porque aunque yo ame todo lo que tenga que ver con el arte de la moda, yo amo a mis padres un millón de veces más. 

Así que me enorgullece poder celebrar el aniversario número 75 de la marca Coach. Una marca que a traído más que moda, a traído tantos lindos recuerdos. ¡Gracias por ellos y por la bolsa tan linda que me mandaron! La calidad es excelente y el color es hermoso. Nunca en mi vida me hubiera imaginado que ustedes me iban ha estar mandando bolsas gratis. Pero siendo sincera, lo mejor fue la alegría que yo y mamá pudimos compartir cuando llegó el paquete a nuestra casa. Fue otro momento inolvidable. ¡Feliz aniversario Coach!

**Puedes encontrar mi bolsa aquí!!


Monday, January 23, 2017

New Year love

Happy new year! Although we are well into the new year I wanted to take the time to wish you all the best for the year of 2017. I have been away for a few weeks due to many reasons. The first was a terrible cough, which lead to bronchitis, which lead to I don't know what, which lead to me being sick for more than ten days! It was horrible and to top things off our summer/winter weather here in Houston did not help at all. After getting over the sickness I decided I needed to start this new year with more than just goals. I wanted to start the year with actions. 

It took a lot of cleaning, brainstorming, & trial & error, to get myself together & to bring some structure to my work life. You see last year, I was just going with the flow of things & unfortunately it caused me to fall face first a few times. Not just with work, but with my personal life as well. You see it is very easy to go with the flow of what everyone around you is or what they expect you to be. In the midst of doing so I lost myself, my character, & I found myself not enjoying the things that I loved to do. I became lazy & very unorganized to the point where it made me feel sad & ugly on the inside. But that has all changed! 

I started off by organizing a few things in my room that were a disaster for months, created a schedule (which I am still trying to figure out.), made a work station, actually started using the 50 cute planners I tend to buy every year, & most importantly, I learned that I was not one of those ugly things I was said to be or told myself I was. It has been a challenge but it has been the most rewarding, especially because I am so happy & have been filled with so much love from the people around me, that I now feel like I have enough to share with the entire world!

 I am excited to finally sit here & smile as I write this. Although this is a blogpost that has nothing to do with fashion or beauty I felt the need to share. I have many fun blog posts planned for the next few weeks & if you all ever feel the need to chat feel free to message me as I am not only on social media to help with fashion advice. Much love to all of your beautiful faces & welcome to all of my new lovelies! I can't wait to engage with many fun conversations! 

P.s. If you have not read the book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst, I highly encourage you to read. It is life changing. I'm sure you girls will love it! 


Monday, November 21, 2016

Motto jacket

Want a similar jacket for only $25? It is on sale today here! I love this color because it goes with a lot of different outfits. They also have it in black and olive. Great for a gift!

Estoy enamorada de esta chaqueta y aquí puedes encontrar una similar en oferta por solamente $25!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My new Jord watch

Loving the weather, my hair color, & this watch from  this website! This watch got to me in less than 5 days! Not only that but it was sized perfectly to my wrist & on top of that, I LOVED the packaging. It comes in a very high quality wooden box which will store it when not in use. The exact watch I am wearing on this picture is linked here. I love that rose gold detailing, not to mention, the beautiful dark brown color. It is the perfect gift for the holidays & right now if you click on here you can get a FREE $20 off code & a chance of getting $75 towards the watch of your choice! 

¡Estoy encantada con el clima de estos últimos días, el color de mi cabello y con este reloj de  esta página! Este reloj llego a mi casa en menos de una semana empaquetado en una caja de madera de gran calidad. No solamente bien protegido, pero la compañía Jord también ajusta los relojes ha la medida más conveniente para ti. Me encanto el color del que traigo puesto en las fotos, tiene toques de rosado y aquí lo puedes apreciar un poco mejor.  Es el regalo perfecto para esta navidad y ahorita si sigues este link te regalarán $20 de descuento, más aparte una entrada para ganarte $75 más para el reloj que más te guste! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Two of my Fall favorites. // Dos de mis cosas favoritas del otoño.

1. The weather // La temperatura

We do not get much of a temperature drop here in Houston but these last few days we have had some pleasant evenings. As the wind hits us I believe it smacks us a little with happiness. I say that, because we all seem to walk around with a smile due to the not so sticky nasty weather or because in the back of our minds we pray and hope the next day it gets a little cooler. Who else wants to start walking out in the morning without having to break a sweat?

Aquí en Houston no tenemos una temporada de otoño con temperaturas muy bajas, pero en los días anteriores hemos tenido unas mañanas y tardes diferentes a las que estamos acostumbrados. Casi que siento que el poco viento que nos ha llegado nos ha traído un poco de alegría. Quien no se pondría contento al no tener que sudar por estar afuera dies segundos como casi todos los días aquí en houston.

2. The fall fashion trends and makeup // La moda de otoño y los maquillajes adecuados para la temporada

I can't name a girl who doesn't become obsessed with either burgundys, army greens, burnt oranges, or mustard yellows this time of year. This time around I am obsessed with all! I purchased the mustard yellow sweater I have on in the pictures above, a burgundy skirt, a burnt orange dress, and an army green vest and many other clothing items, shoes, and accessories. I will be showing you all of them throughout the next few weeks. Along with fashion items, I also purchased a few makeup items. One, being my favorite, is a liquid lipstick by Kylie cosmetics in the shade "Leo". It is the perfect shade of burgundy and looks great paired with a copper eyeshadow! I also purchased a mauvy grey lipstick from Maybelline in the shade Gone Griege 760. As I have mentioned before, Maybelline has some of my favorite drugstore lipsticks. What I love about fall is that you can play with dark colored lipsticks and no one will look at you funny. So do not be afraid to step out of that comfort zone and do so!

Yo no he conocido a ninguna muchacha que no se obsesione con usar los colores de otoño como el verde militar, el mostaza, anaranjado quemado oh el gindo. Éste año como en todos, estoy obsesionada con todos esos colores así que me he comprado ropa en esos tonos. Para el maquillaje, estoy obsesionada con un labial en color gindo de la marca Kylie Cosmetics llamado "Leo", que se ve espectacular con sombra color cobre. También compre un labial como color gris de la marca Maybelline, llamado "Gone Griege" #760. Como les he mencionado anteriormente, Maybelline es una de mis marcas favoritas para labiales. Y hablando de labiales,  no tengan miedo de jugar con colores oscuros. En la temporada de otoño se ven espectaculares!

Outfit // Atuendo

Sweater- Forever 21 $17.90
Skirt/Falda- Forever 21 $10.80
Shoes/Zapatos- Target (last season/ temporada pasada) $29.99
Purse/Bolsa- French Connection (Marshalls $39.99)
Ring/Anillo- Forever 21 (crown) & WildBloom Boutique (wishbone)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day dreaming

It is Labor Day and all I can think about is a day full of relaxation and online shopping. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting with the great Jake Fabricius at the Granduca Hotel here in Houston, and I cannot wait to go back and spend a weekend here. Everyone is so friendly and it is perfect for a staycation! 

In this shoot we were able to wear Kingdom State swimwear, which is EXTREMELY comfortable and cute! They are currently having a 30% off with the code "LABORDAY30" valid for today, so run and get your swimsuit fix! I will add the link to the polka dot swimsuit I wore.

We also wore white dresses and rompers from Delacy and they are also having a sale with the code "SUMMER30". Gotta love all of these sales!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A few fun spots in Houston

So this past week I took the time to visit a few places here in Houston that I had been wanting to check out this summer. It was definitely an adventure and a great feeling to find so many fun places so close to home. So I have made a list of the places that I went to along with my thoughts and a few pictures I took with my phone at the end. Hope you all enjoy! 

Axelrad Beer Garden

How I ended up at this place is actually kind of silly. I kept seeing pictures of people in hammocks and I had been dying to buy a hammock. Well still am.  So I figured that since I wasn't going to be buying a hammock soon then this place would be perfect to go visit! So I asked a friend to come along and the first thing I realized was how sweet people were. It started from the people who guided me to parking, to those working inside, and even the people who were out there with friends, family, and their children. They had crepes, pizza, fries, and other snacking food. Although the place is also called "beer garden" I can truly say that it is very calm, almost as if you were sitting at Starbucks but with the benefit of having a cold Mexican Coke, a hammock to lay on, and a live band. I have never felt more relaxed and worry free in my life! I would definitely recommend this place for an evening after work. 

Westheimer thrift shopping & the Biscuit Paint Wall 

If you know me you know that I love clothes and shoes but if I find a good addition to my wardrobe for less than 50% off of retail then I'm even happier. So I went to Westheimer street where you can find many thrift stores and great bargains! Not only can you find good deals but you can also take some time to take pictures on all of the great artwork that can be found on the sides of these buildings. One of the most popular here in Houston is the Biscuit Paint Wall. It is so pretty and great for a birthday shoot!

Class 502

So am I the only one who did not know about Houston having a Chinatown? If you're a fan of Asian snacks and food I would definitely recommend checking it out! We only visited Class 502 where they serve ice cream in little rolls. It is definitely an experience to see how they make it! Especially if you're a fan of the videos that are all over Facebook! The ice cream was so tasty! I would recommend a water bottle or a drink that isn't too sweet to have with you because it can get a bit sweet. Other than that, very sweet people and great for adults and children.

Discovery Green Park

If you are from Houston you have probably been here about a million times as I have. This time around I decided to rent out a kayak since it was something my cousins wanted to do but the unexpected happened. I have never been on a kayak in my life and this was the first time. Let's just say that I was NOT expecting for water to get inside. So I walked out of there with a bug wet area on my behind. If you ever go make sure to keep that in mind or else you'll get all the looks. Ha ha!

Tout Suite

This is definitely one of my favorite places to go. I have been there a few times and every time I go it is so quiet and calm that it makes me enjoy every part of my dessert. If you are looking for a place to study, have a cup of coffee with a friend, or a short meeting, then this is the place to be. Plus, macaroons! 


1517 Alabama St Houston TX 77004

Biscuit Paint Wall

1435 Westheimer Rd Houston TX 77006

Class 502

9889 Bellaire Blvd Ste D-220 Houston TX 77036

Discovery Green Park

1500 McKinney Houston TX 77010

Tout Suite

2001 Commerce St Houston TX 77002