Friday, December 25, 2015

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Hope you all are having a wonderful time with your families and if you are of the Mexican culture like I am, I hope you are enjoying all of the great leftovers from the Christmas Eve get together. Let us not forget what this day is truly about and share the joy and love this day brought to us. 

Dress: Marshall's ($20 and great fabric!)
Tights: Steve Madden ($8 very great quality!)
Boots: Forever 21 ($44.95 great alternative for the Stuart Weitzman and Steve Madden thigh high boots)
Ring: The Limited ($10 and super cute!)

Deseándoles una Feliz Navidad!
Espero que se la estén pasando muy bien en familia y si son de la cultura mexicana que estén disfrutando los tamales que nos dejó la fiesta de noche buena. Pero nunca olvidándonos de lo que este día realmente significa y compartiendo el amor y la felicidad que nos trajo este día tan especial.

Vestido: Marshall's ($20 y de calidad comparable a un vestido de $100)
Mallas: Steve Madden ($8 y muy cómodas!)
Botas: Forever 21 ($44.95, una alternativa a las botas altas de Stuart Weitzman y Steve Madden que están muy de moda!)
Anillo: The Limited ($10 y muy bonito!)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday casual look inspired by my favorite TV show.. Gossip Girl! 
Navy, off white, and burgundy will always be a great match for all ages. I am aware that someone younger than me may not like the idea of the tights (I used to really dislike them when I was younger), and someone older than me may not feel to comfortable with shorts on, which is why I will list two simple outfits that will fall under this color scheme below.

Outfit #1- Your favorite jeans, white or off white top, a burgundy cardigan, brown or nude flats, and last but not least a cute accessory, which a smile or great confidence is always a great one!

Outfit #2- Navy skirt (which is an alternative to the usual black skirt), white or off white blouse, nude  or brown pumps (maybe even burgundy if you have some hiding in your closet), and burgundy lipstick! Although bold lipstick is not in everyone's list of favorites, it is an alternative to the VERY 
bold red lipstick. I advise you to put some on and walk around with your head held high because after all, you are a queen.

Shirt: The Limited (Got it for less than $25 a few weeks ago! great quality & perfect fit.)
Shorts: Zara (Last season, less than $25.)
Tights: Forever 21 ($5.90, is having free shipping today!!)
Socks: LEMON (Orig. $12 got for $3.99 at Marshall's. Very comfy!)
Boots: Forever 21 (Last season, $35. They have plenty of cute booties in stock right now!)

Atuendo casual para estas fiestas navideñas, inspirado por mi serie favorita, Gossip Girl!
Los colores azul marino, blanco/beige y guindo son colores perfectos para todas las edades. Estoy consciente de que alguien más joven que yo no le gustaría mucho la idea de usar mallas, bueno a mí no me gustaban para nada! También estoy consciente de que ah alguien mayor no le gustaría la idea de los pantalones cortos. Por eso es que eh creado dos atuendos con la misma gama de colores que pueden encontrar debajo. 

Atuendo #1- Tus pantalones de mezclilla favoritos, blusa blanca/beige, suéter guindo, zapatos planos cafés oh color carne y un accesorio lindo, que la verdad el más lindo que pueden usar es una sonrisa grande  y una frente en alto.

Atuendo #2- Falda azul marino (que es un alternativo a la falda negra de siempre), blusa blanca/beige, tacones cerrados cafés oh color carne (si tienen unos color vino mejor!) y los labios de color guindo! Yo sé que muchas so se atreverían a usas los labios tan llamativos, pero el color guindo es menos llamativo que el color rojo. Así que las motivo a usarlo y no sentirse inseguras porque son unas reinas!

Blusa: The Limited (La compre hace unas semanas en oferta por menos de $25 dólares!)
Pantalones cortos: Zara (Son del año pasado y también los compre por menos de $25 dólares!)
Mallas: Forever 21 ($5.90, y ahorita si compran en línea el envío es gratis!)
Calcetines: LEMON (Originalmente $12 pero yo los encontré en Marshall's por $3.99 y están bien cómodos y suaves!)
Botas: Forever 21 ($35 y ahorita hay muchas botitas en

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This past weekend I turned 22! It is crazy how time flies by! This past year has been full of challenges and the biggest one has not been finding a good pair of heels (we all know that is one of my strongholds), but finding my "true self". That is quite difficult at this age because half of the people I know is getting married and having kids and the other half.. well not doing so great. Which led me to think, "Am I living my life too slow? What have I been doing with my life this whole time? Will I be a workaholic with puppies as my children? And am I going to live a midlife crisis if I do not go out and party now? WAIT, WHERE IS MY PRINCE?" Ok no, lets be honest, that is not what I was thinking but there is many people out there my age who have that going through their head. I on the other hand have this going through my head, "Are my hopes and dreams worth it? Will I ever be able to afford the beautiful Givenchy Antigona handbag and those gorgeous Celine sunglasses that I drool over every time we pass by Neiman Marcus? Why have I not grown since like fifth grade? And will the person I marry think I am crazy because I believe that Whataburger should deliver?". My point is, we all have different personalities and different questions about life and until this year I have grown enough to know that it is normal. We all have questions and we will continue to have them our entire lives because there is no such thing as a manual for life and all we can truly do is pray and stay positive. But on a less serious note, guess who put up a Christmas tree in their room this year? I will be adding a few pictures later on this week along with sharing my first hand experience putting it up. I would love to hear from you all so please comment below on your thoughts on life in your 20's and maybe share how your Christmas decor experience is coming along. And last but not least thank you all for the birthday wishes and as always, stay beautiful!

Shoes: Zara, Midi Skirt: Image, Shirt: J. Crew, Sunglasses: A'gaci

Location: Houston, TX

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It is very tough to wake up one day and take a step into something that you have been wanting to do for so long. It took strength and a whole lot of faith to finally step up and do something that I had been wanting to do. I began this blog not only to share a part of my personal lifestyle and the love I have for fashion, but also to share my thoughts on life. I have always dreamed of being able to help women out there to see the beautiful and positive things in life. Because, lets be honest, life is not always as great as finding a designer clothing piece for less than $10 or finding the perfect shade of nude lipstick, but in the midst of any storm, we are all able to find a little bit of sparkle. So I encourage you to take a step of faith today and as always, stay beautiful.