Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This past weekend I turned 22! It is crazy how time flies by! This past year has been full of challenges and the biggest one has not been finding a good pair of heels (we all know that is one of my strongholds), but finding my "true self". That is quite difficult at this age because half of the people I know is getting married and having kids and the other half.. well not doing so great. Which led me to think, "Am I living my life too slow? What have I been doing with my life this whole time? Will I be a workaholic with puppies as my children? And am I going to live a midlife crisis if I do not go out and party now? WAIT, WHERE IS MY PRINCE?" Ok no, lets be honest, that is not what I was thinking but there is many people out there my age who have that going through their head. I on the other hand have this going through my head, "Are my hopes and dreams worth it? Will I ever be able to afford the beautiful Givenchy Antigona handbag and those gorgeous Celine sunglasses that I drool over every time we pass by Neiman Marcus? Why have I not grown since like fifth grade? And will the person I marry think I am crazy because I believe that Whataburger should deliver?". My point is, we all have different personalities and different questions about life and until this year I have grown enough to know that it is normal. We all have questions and we will continue to have them our entire lives because there is no such thing as a manual for life and all we can truly do is pray and stay positive. But on a less serious note, guess who put up a Christmas tree in their room this year? I will be adding a few pictures later on this week along with sharing my first hand experience putting it up. I would love to hear from you all so please comment below on your thoughts on life in your 20's and maybe share how your Christmas decor experience is coming along. And last but not least thank you all for the birthday wishes and as always, stay beautiful!

Shoes: Zara, Midi Skirt: Image, Shirt: J. Crew, Sunglasses: A'gaci

Location: Houston, TX


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