Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The room project

At the beginning of 2016 I decided that my room needed a change. It wasn't just because I love interior design & decor, but because it didn't feel right. I had my bed in an odd position, my decor was old, and my mood seemed down while I spent time in there. After weeks of trying to figure out what was wrong I decided that maybe if I saw my room as a happy place then I could relax rather than stress and feel so ehh. So for a few weeks, my mother & I were able to look around for new items that would give my room a more awaken look & a fresh feeling. It was not an easy project because I literally almost pulled my hair out due to the mess that was in my room because well I had the brilliant idea of also taking the items out of my closet that I no longer wanted. But after chaos it all turned out so perfect! I walk into my room now and feel as if I am walking into a refreshing area. My thoughts seem to be clearer & not only that! After purging a lot of items I suddenly realized that we tend to hold on to things because we are comfortable with knowing that they are there & that one day we can go back and use them, but reality is that we shouldn't do that. Not only in our closets or with our room decor but with real life itself. We must let go & get rid of the things we don't have a use for anymore to make room for the things that give us that refreshing feeling, the feeling of happiness and joy. So I encourage you to do that and I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, stay beautiful! -Love, Miranda.

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