Friday, March 25, 2016

The cutest fringe heels

Top from H&M (only in stores) // Blusa de la tienda H&M (solamente se puede encontrar en la tienda no en línea) $9.99 

*Link to a similar top below // La página en donde puede encontrar una similar está debajo. 

Jeans are from Marshall's // Pantalones de mezclilla $14.99 en la tienda Marshall's 

Shoes // Sandalias $32.99

Hat // Sombrero $14.99

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My shoe obsession at the moment

Got asked about a million times where I got my shoes at today & I decided to post the link below! CUTEST SHOES EVER! They are also very comfy! Went the entire day wearing them & I have no blisters or anything! I love them! Best part about them.. They are less than $30! Link below! 

Shoes // Zapatos

Thursday, March 10, 2016

H & M beauty

OBSESSED with their nail polish! It is the best I have ever tried & it saves you a trip to the nail salon! I have yet to try their eye shadows but by swatching a few, I was able to tell that they are of great quality. All of these items are less than $8! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why I plan

Let's be honest, some of us can be a little unorganized. Therefore, we must find ways to organize our lives a little. I purchased this planner at Home Goods a few weeks ago & it has become a LIFE SAVER! It has helped me organize my thoughts along with school due dates & many other things. Not only has it helped me organize but it has helped me with my creativity! It is actually fun to sit down & plan out your week or month, especially when you have fun stickers that help you come up with new ideas! I got some of mine at Hobby Lobby where they have a planner section now! So today I encourage you to find something that will help you become a little more organized. I have added a list that I believe can help anyone. Once you achieve or stick to one of these things I promise you will become a little more satisfied with yourself & happy! So choose one & if you care to share any other ideas or any other things that help you be an organized person please leave a comment! & as always stay beautiful! 

- A planner to write down your weekly goals.
- Calendar for payment due dates.
- Hamper for the crazy laundry.
- Dividers for the school binders.
- Boxes to put up the winter clothes
- Door shoe organizer for the crazy shoes on the closet floor.
- An organizer for the "up to date" magazines, the rest must be in the recycling bin unless you're a magazine collector.
- A trash can. (We all have a million things that are just trash. So don't be afraid to do a purge on those items! Especially the 50 hair products or failed face washes or face creams that are probably just taking up room in your restroom.) 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Favorite nude lip combo

I have been struggling to find the perfect nude combo due to high lip pigmentation  & here it is! It is the Maybelline nude lipstick in the color "Stormy Sahara" with Revlons super lustrous lip gloss in the shade "Super Natural". Each of these lip products are under $7!  I have linked them below for you! 

Desde hace tiempo que no había podido encontrar un labial de este color tan bajito y la verdad esta combinación me encanto! La pigmentación de mis labios es un poco fuerte, a sí que tonos muy bajitos no me cubren mucho. El labial que traigo puesto en esta foto es de la marca Maybelline y se llama "Stormy Sand". El brillo que use encima del labial es de la marca Revlon de su línea super lustrous lip gloss y se llama "Súper Natural". Cada uno de estos productos labiales te salen en menos de $7 cada uno! Eh incluyido la página en donde los puedes encontrar debajo. 

Maybelline "Stormy Sahara" lipstick // Labial de Maybelline en tono "Stormy Sahara":

Revlon "Super Natural" lip gloss // Brillo de Revlon en tono "Super Natural"

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Favorite destroyed boyfriend jeans

If you are looking for the perfect boyfriend jeans, look no further! These are so comfortable, and such a great fit. Most boyfriend jeans can be a little too baggy which could almost make you look like you have a diaper on. Lol! These on the other hand are a bit more fitted at the top & a little loose on the leg. Great comfy combo and did I mention, they are on sale for less than $30 with tax! Link to these beauties below spanish post.

Si estás en busca de unos pantalones cómodos, ya no busques mas! Los pantalones llamados "boyfriend" están súper de moda y estos son mis favoritos! Son flojos de la pierna pero un poco más ajustados de las caderas. Me encantan para esta primavera y están en oferta por menos de 30 dólares! Agregué la página en donde los puedes encontrar abajo.

Boyfriend jeans // Pantalones de mezclilla :