Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why I plan

Let's be honest, some of us can be a little unorganized. Therefore, we must find ways to organize our lives a little. I purchased this planner at Home Goods a few weeks ago & it has become a LIFE SAVER! It has helped me organize my thoughts along with school due dates & many other things. Not only has it helped me organize but it has helped me with my creativity! It is actually fun to sit down & plan out your week or month, especially when you have fun stickers that help you come up with new ideas! I got some of mine at Hobby Lobby where they have a planner section now! So today I encourage you to find something that will help you become a little more organized. I have added a list that I believe can help anyone. Once you achieve or stick to one of these things I promise you will become a little more satisfied with yourself & happy! So choose one & if you care to share any other ideas or any other things that help you be an organized person please leave a comment! & as always stay beautiful! 

- A planner to write down your weekly goals.
- Calendar for payment due dates.
- Hamper for the crazy laundry.
- Dividers for the school binders.
- Boxes to put up the winter clothes
- Door shoe organizer for the crazy shoes on the closet floor.
- An organizer for the "up to date" magazines, the rest must be in the recycling bin unless you're a magazine collector.
- A trash can. (We all have a million things that are just trash. So don't be afraid to do a purge on those items! Especially the 50 hair products or failed face washes or face creams that are probably just taking up room in your restroom.) 

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